And a fusion of two words:

INK: as a sign

LOAD: in the sense of expressing one’s identity.


INKLOAD is a brand that wants to boost the be(a)st part of you, and get unique your style.




not only in the choice of materials for its products but also in the production cycle of the same. For this reason, we produces ON DEMAND to preserve the quality of the fabrics and prints, avoiding surplus samples.


INKLOAD wants to support  MOTOTHERAPY in Italy through direct donations with the purchase of its products.


Make your dreams come true or someone will hire you to make their dreams come true

Hi guys!

I studied Art Direction at IED Communication from 2003/2006 in Milan ; then I started to work in many agencies as Art Director and graphic designer but I have always felt the need to create something mine.

Since I was young, I was fascinated by images, especially collage and geometric forms and started collecting every paper, promo-card or stickers with original colors or compositions.

The stylistic research of graphics and communication language is deriving from my work and my personal background, both from a visual and a lettering point of view, in the sense to give attention to the meaning that a word can convey in its composition.


This is the reason why INKLOAD is the brand I’ve created!



Why only white T-shirt?

Because White Tee is an evergreen so
why not having one?!